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JBWere’ s Family Advisory works with families to help design and establish a tailored governance system that allows the family to address all aspects of their enterprise so that they can preserve and grow the wealth and legacy well into the future.

As an experienced and unbiased adviser, we’ll work with you to help you navigate the myriad of issues as you work towards a shared family vision together.

Every family is different. We bring a highly personalised approach to your family’s goals, providing professional rigour, insight and expertise in our stewardship of your relationships, your wealth and your philanthropic goals.

Some of the questions which may arise when we work together are:

  • How do brothers and sisters work together in governance when they are all so different?
  • What about spouses – should they be included in the governance structures?
  • How do we deal with conflict?
  • What is the role of Independent, non-family board members?
  • How do we innovate without compromising our family values?
  • How do we develop an investment strategy which acknowledges the different risk profiles of family members?
  • How do we develop education programs that are meaningful?

JBWere’s Family Advisory assists families navigate through these and other sensitive issues which, when not properly addressed, pose a significant risk to the preservation and growth of family wealth across the generations. 

Peter Roach, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Fairfax Family Office, Cambooya Services, has joined the team at JBWere. In conjunction with that role, he was a Non-Executive Director of Rural Press and other boards associated with the family’s media and private equity interests. Since stepping down from that role after twelve years, Peter continues to serve as an independent, non-executive director of various boards of generational families across Australia.