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Building strong foundations

JBWere can help you establish a robust financial foundation while providing the ongoing advice you need to preserve and enhance your wealth for generations.

We take a team approach to delivering individualised strategic planning and investment solutions to our clients.

Your JBWere Advisory Team will collaborate closely with you to develop, implement and manage your bespoke wealth management strategy based on our four stage process:



Understanding your needs and objectives

We take the time to develop a clear understanding of your personal circumstances, objectives and appetite for risk. We can work with your other professional service providers so that we have a complete picture of your financial affairs.


Formulating your strategic framework

We draw on our insights from stage one, utilising our understanding and experience to design a bespoke strategic financial framework for you. This framework is intended to make sure all aspects of your financial affairs work together effectively to achieve your goals.


Implementing your wealth and investment strategies

Once your strategic framework is agreed upon, we work with you to implement our recommendations. This includes providing timely information and working closely with your other professional service providers. The result is a streamlined and efficient implementation of these recommendations.


Ongoing, regular advice

We regularly review your strategic framework to keep it on track and to ensure it responds appropriately to changes in the financial landscape. By engaging with you on a regular basis, we can also adapt your strategy to cater for any changes to your circumstances or objectives.