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Corporate Support Report

The evolution of corporate giving and community investment in Australia.

JBWere Corporate Support Report

Alongside HNW giving, corporate giving and community investment is the fastest growing and least understood segment of social impact funding. This report is the first of its kind and we hope it provides interesting and valuable insight. 

By increasing knowledge and improving understanding, our hope is that this report will enable a larger number of quality partnerships between the corporations and for-purpose organisations, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of each to create real, lasting positive change.

The Corporate Support Report covers:

  • The evolution of the corporate community relationship
  • The shape of corporate Australia
  • The broad range of assets and capabilities corporates can bring to impact focussed partnerships
  • Considerations for corporate community investment initiatives
  • Considerations for community and the for-purpose sector

“As part of our Sustainability strategy, Coles is focusing on how we can be ‘Better Together,’ because when we work together, we can make a real difference to our team, our suppliers, our customers and to the communities in which we live and work. Research like JBWere’s creates a useful benchmark for companies to understand the broad impact they are having, while giving insight into creative ways their peers make a difference to those in need.”

Thinus Keeve - Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer, Coles Group

“The JBWere Corporate Support Report is an insightful and idea generating read.  Reports like this, and the series of which it is part, are crucial to the narrative and the story telling between the “for profit” and the “not for profit” sectors – with this outdated wording being amongst the things that keep us in our own lanes and out of reach of sustainable impact.  Both sectors are evolving to the place of real change where we all exist “for purpose”, and this is a giant leap forward.

This report confirms for us that powerful partnerships can only be built on a shared understanding of purpose – this is the first crucial step. This report gives us pause to look up and out from our day to day and imagine what is possible by embarking on significant, collaborative innovation that brings us closer to the fulfilment of the purpose that compels us.”

Nicola Stokes – CEO, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

“We’re in a time now where customers expect to see business make a positive difference. Organisation’s that don’t address our social & environmental needs as a human race will cease to exist.  The data that this report delivers, allows us to not only understand the wider impact we all make as businesses, but should drive us all to be ever better in our focus on doing good.”

Tim Diamond - GM Cotton On Foundation

Corporate Support Report Highlights

For more information about the Corporate Support report, please download out Summary Flyer or watch the videos below.

John McLeod shares key insights from the Corporate Support Report.

The Corporate Support Report: Launch webinar - Recorded February 2022

In this webinar, author John McLeod - Senior Consultant and Co-founder of the JBWere Philanthropic Services team - provides a summary of key insights from the report and was joined by three special guest panellists who shared insights and learnings from their unique perspectives and real-life experience: 

  • Thinus Keeve - Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer, Coles Group;
  • Nicola Stokes - CEO, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation; and
  • Tim Diamond - General Manager from Cotton On Foundation.

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