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What we do

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy is simple – we’re here to preserve and enhance our clients’ wealth. With this goal always top of mind, we focus on the processes that help us achieve this outcome in order to deliver trusted investment advice.

Our philosophy recognises the importance of strategic asset allocation, value-add opportunities, and constant risk mitigation.

Responsible investing is one of the core foundational beliefs - to us this means going beyond ESG integration and ethical investing. It means actively seeking investments that create positive social and environmental outcomes for clients. It means using our access to positively influence those that lead companies and manage funds to drive better performance for the benefit of our clients.

Ultimately, our processes deliver outcomes to support your short- and long-term goals. We pride ourselves on delivering trusted investment advice that stands the test of time.

What are the 5 foundational beliefs of our Investment Philosophy?

At JBWere, our most important belief is that we are here to serve our clients. This principle is core to our Investment Philosophy. Our Investment Philosophy is based on 5 foundational beliefs.

Preserving and enhancing our clients' wealth


We are committed to providing trusted and tailored investment advice that stands the test of time and reflects our understanding that each client is unique.

Strategic asset allocation is a fundamental driver of investment returns over the long term


We believe diversification across asset classes is key to reducing overall portfolio risk and maximising returns over the long term.

Active management enhances value


We believe full cycle investing with tactical tilts maximises client returns.

Responsible investing

We recognise both the privilege and importance of the role we play in responsible investment. We include the identification and analysis of ESG factors, stewardship of capital, impact investing and ethical and values-based investing as part of our approach to responsible investing.

Capital preservation is ensured by risk awareness

We embed risk management across every stage of the investment process.

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