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Family advisory

Protecting what matters most

History tells us that families with significant wealth often struggle to plan thoroughly enough for the transition between generations. This can leave them vulnerable to great loss – both financially, and within the family unit.

Our Family Advisory is concerned with much more than the transfer of wealth. We seek to understand the history and complex web of relationships that underpin a family’s wealth, exploring what matters to those involved as individuals, and as part of the wider family unit. It’s only with this broad approach that effective generational transitions, built on trust and aligned values, can be achieved.

Our Family Advisory specialists have the expertise and experience to help you and your family navigate the technical and relational considerations that come with planning for the future.

By understanding your collective history, aspirations, values and needs, we’ll help you put a structure in place that ensures your family is able to effectively communicate and make decisions regarding your wealth. A tailored governance framework can act as the foundation your family needs to prosper and grow, together.

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