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Responsible investing

Responsible Investing (RI) in Australia

JBWere’s mission is to give clients the confidence to do what matters. 

What matters to an increasing number of clients is the ability to invest for the dual goal of performance and purpose.

Responsible investing is an ever-evolving market and our RI approach covers socially responsible investing, ESG integration, stewardship and engagement of capital, impact investing, values-based investing and ethical investing. JBWere was the first private wealth manager in Australia to develop an RI framework to help our client invest responsibly.

Our framework comprises four main pillars:

  • Identify – we Identify the ESG risks and opportunities associated with investments offered on our platform, regardless of asset class or access format.
  • Influence – we aim to engage with and advocate to companies and funds and drive positive outcomes and returns for our clients.
  • Impact – access to impact investing opportunities that deliver positive measurable social or environmental outcomes.
  • Individualise – we understand that no two clients are the same. Each client has their own unique set of principles, ethics and values, which can change and evolve over time and through generations. We will personalise your portfolio to align with your values.

JBWere’s Responsible Investment Policy and Framework

JBWere’s responsible investment framework is aligned to global best practice in private wealth and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), helping clients invest for performance and purpose.

“Every single client has a view of the world and what is important to them, whether they’re an ultra high net worth individual, family office or a for-purpose or charitable organisation. But it hasn’t always manifested in their portfolio and that is what’s changing. People are going from talking about responsible investing, and what their ethics and principals and values are, to actually wanting them reflected in the way they invest.”

– Gillian Gordon, Head of Alternative Investments & Responsible Investing

Responsible investing: Making it count

There has been a fundamental shift in how investors view responsible investing of late, whether they are large institutional investors or private families and individuals.

JBWere Responsible Investing Framework

Our approach is a progression, commencing with the responsible investing value JBWere delivers to clients through research, insights and advocacy through to the ability of the client to reflect their individual values in their portfolios. JBWere’s responsible investing framework is fully embedded into our research and investment process at an asset class level and within the fund selection process.

Your Responsible Investment Partner

JBWere aspires to maintain our role as a leader in RI in private wealth across Australia underpinned by our continued investment in the people and partnerships to deliver to our clients high-quality RI insights, thought leadership, investment research and advocacy.

With over $45Bn funds under management, JBWere has deep experience and expertise in tailoring portfolios to ensure an alignment of invested capital, values, ethics, and purpose. 

To find out more about how you can partner with JBWere to invest for performance and purpose please contact us.

Responsible investing insights

Climate change presents both a material risk, and a potential opportunity, for client portfolios. The global race to net-zero is creating new and developing investment opportunities for interested clients aligned to JBWere’s approach to Responsible Investing.

Our paper investigates some of the impacts and investment opportunities carbon emissions and the transition to net-zero may present for clients, and how JBWere can help clients gain further insights into their portfolio’s carbon footprint.

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