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As one of Australia’s leading wealth managers, we strengthen the financial standing of our clients through bespoke wealth and investment strategies. Our clients include individuals, families, institutions and for-purpose organisations.

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What are contingent convertible (CoCo) bonds?

Contingent capital or contingent convertible bonds (‘CoCos”) are debt instruments with the special feature that they will be written-off to zero, or mandatorily converted into ordinary shares of the...


What is bond duration and why is it important?

The maturity of a fixed income investment, such as a bond, is simply how long it is until the investment is finally repaid. For example, a 10-year bond which has another five years until it is repaid...


What are social benefit bonds?

Social benefit bonds (SBBs) also known as social impact bonds are financial instruments where the return is based on achievement of pre-agreed social benefits, basically a pay-on-results contract....