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Philanthropic advice

Realising the true power of wealth

Creating and managing significant wealth has its challenges but presents an abundance of opportunity. Beyond the security and comfort of our families and loved ones, our minds turn naturally to the challenges facing the communities and environment in which we all work, live and play.  

Many of the ‘big’ problems are complex and entrenched.  To resolve them, we need to understand our unique roles in creating lasting, positive change – this requires engagement, education, and thoughtful, tailored advice.

Partnering with for-purpose organisations, businesses, and private clients, we have a unique insight into the trends, challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of better social and environmental outcomes. Our experienced experts will work closely with you to keep you informed and supported as you manage and deploy your assets to create a positive, lasting impact in the world.

Understand philanthropy

Charity and philanthropy are both critical and share the same goal: to help those in need and make the world a better place.

AFR Top 50 Philanthropy List

Latest findings show giving by the Top 50 was $942m and five new bequests made this year's list.

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