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The growth of Women and Wealth

A closer look at Australia’s growing cohort of high-net-worth female investors.

An evolving landscape

The landscape of high-net-worth women in Australia is undergoing significant evolution, driven by increased participation of women in the workforce, coupled with higher educational attainment and a growing interest in entrepreneurship. Moreover, women are set to inherit AUD$3.2 Trillion, in the largest wealth transfer Australia has seen.

JBWere has partnered with CoreData to research Australia's growing cohort of high-net-worth women. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the research shines a light on their increasing influence and wealth management needs. It also highlights the challenges they continue to face.

Women are accumulating their own assets and investments, while also benefiting from intergenerational wealth and Baby Boomer business transfers. Together with higher divorce rates, especially among older generations, high-net-worth women are often required to navigate wealth management, at times without prior experience or existing relationships with professionals.

Many women exhibit strong interest and capability in managing their financial affairs. However, women often face barriers and biases when accessing financial services. At JBWere, we believe it is essential the barriers and biases are addressed to effectively serve this growing cohort.  

Download the full report for deep insights on:

  • the key drivers of the rise of high-net-worth women investors
  • barriers to engagement with financial services
  • the challenge of finding women advisers
  • engagement with financial services providers
  • importance of building a holistic relationship, and
  • the challenges of networking and women events.


Women set to inherit $3.2T in Australia’s largest ever wealth transfer.

“I’m looking for somebody who looks at the whole package. […] They have to look at who you are, what you’re doing in life, and where you’re going. And not only obviously me, but how I exist in my marriage and what’s happening in the family.”             
 - Bronwyn, HNW legal professional / Not-for-profit board member

Supporting high-net-worth women at JBWere

At JBWere, we are dedicated to protecting and growing the wealth of high-net-worth women and taking a leadership role in supporting your wealth management needs.

Tailored advice


We provide customised financial plans and investment strategies that address the specific needs and goals of women, such as retirement planning, wealth preservation and inheritance. 

Investment approach


A trusted JBWere adviser will bring access and expertise to help you explore a range of investment opportunities, including non-traditional assets such as alternative investments, private equity and private debt.

Family advisory


Our Family Advisory is concerned with much more than the transfer of wealth. We seek to understand the history and complex web of relationships that underpin a family’s wealth, exploring what matters to women involved as individuals, and as part of the wider family unit. 

Diverse and inclusive advisers

We have a diverse team of financial advisers that understand the unique challenges and opportunities women face in wealth management.

Use our adviser search tool to get in touch with an adviser in your state.

Women in leadership at JBWere

Across multiple levels that advocate for policies and initiatives that promote gender equality and financial empowerment for women on a broader scale.

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At JBWere, we are dedicated to protecting and growing the wealth of high-net-worth women and taking a leadership role in supporting your wealth management needs.

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