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JBWere NAB Charitable Giving Index

A timely examination of giving in Australia. 

JBWere NAB Charitable Giving Index – August 2023

The JBWere NAB Charitable Giving Index provides timely insight on fundraising, exploring emerging trends across locations and cause areas. The analysis is derived from transaction data on funds going to the for purpose sector from families and individuals. This latest report covers the most up to date giving data (to July 2023) in Australia. 

This insight into how philanthropy is evolving in real time gives an excellent view of current giving trends in Australia, particularly by mass market and recurrent donors. 

Highlights of the report include:

  • the value of potential giving lost over the last three years
  • how ‘mass market’ giving is faring compared to HNW and Corporate Community Investment 
  • the difference between the States and Territories, and
  • the cause areas that are attracting the donations.
“At Beyond Blue, we’ve seen a drop in giving since about January 2022. This is concerning because more than 300,000 people turn to the Beyond Blue Support Service every year and we anticipate many more will need us in the years ahead due to the many collective stresses and traumatic events we’re experiencing, from the pandemic to cost of living pressures to climate change and extreme weather events.
It often surprises people to learn that the Beyond Blue Support Service is funded entirely by donations and philanthropy. So philanthropic support makes a direct, immediate difference to someone’s life and every dollar counts. With the need for funding across so many important social causes growing, governments can’t do it alone and philanthropic giving has never been more important.”
Georgie Harman, CEO, Beyond Blue

JBWere NAB Charitable Giving Index highlights

For more information about the report, watch our short video where John McLeod shares key insights from the JBWere NAB Charitable Giving Index.

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To support the enhancement of philanthropy in Australia,  JBWere produced a submission to the Productivity Commission Review into philanthropy. Read the recommendations we provided to assist in addressing the long term viability of the sector and to ensure organisations will continue to be able to effect impactful social change.

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