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Ethical Investing: Who, Why and How?


Ethical questions are an inescapable part of being human. We ask ethical questions whenever we think about how we should act. Being ethical is a part of what defines us as human beings. We are rational, thinking, choosing creatures. – The Ethics Centre

JBWere is the leading provider of investment management services to for-purpose entities and individuals and families across Australia and New Zealand. Like society in general, our clients’ ethics are wide ranging – influenced by their faith, social beliefs, life experiences and individual/family values.

Part of our unique role is to educate and guide our clients as they determine if, why and how they should invest to align their investment approach with their values. We are deeply committed to guiding our clients through these important decisions – in 2017 JBWere became the first private wealth manager in Australia to develop a coherent and considered Social Responsible Investment (SRI) framework for the benefit of our clients. 

There are three core pillars in our approach to SRI:

  • Screening based on Ethical, Moral or Religious beliefs (Ethical Investing) 
  • Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors; and
  • Impact Investment

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