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The New Zealand Support Report


While only providing around 15 per cent of the for-purpose sectors total income the funds coming from donations, grants and bequests from individuals, private and statutory trusts and foundations and businesses have far more significance on the plans, directions and new opportunities for the sector to grow impact. This is due to the generally greater freedom in using these funds compared to other sources of income that are tied to the provision of ongoing services and goods. When we include the value of volunteering, that contribution grows to over 25% and without that support, a sector that the country relies on so much could not operate.

The New Zealand Support Report is a continuation of our deep analysis of the sector initially seen in The New Zealand Cause Report which examined overall for-purpose sector trends. This report focusses on just the income derived from philanthropy and grant making and on the cost savings provided from the significant support offered through volunteering. While overall growth rates for support are expected to remain strong and potentially even accelerate, the mix is set to change significantly over coming decades producing winners and losers among causes and even among charities within those causes.

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