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Our Investment Philosophy

We’re invested in what matters to you

Our Investment Philosophy is simple – we’re here to preserve and enhance our clients’ wealth. With this goal always top of mind, we focus on the processes that help us achieve this outcome in order to deliver trusted investment advice.

Our philosophy recognises the importance of strategic asset allocation, value-add opportunities, and constant risk mitigation.

Responsible investing is one of the core foundational beliefs - to us this means going beyond ESG integration and ethical investing. It means actively seeking investments that create positive social and environmental outcomes for clients. It means using our access to positively influence those that lead companies and manage funds to drive better performance for the benefit of our clients.

Ultimately, our processes deliver outcomes to support your short- and long-term goals. We pride ourselves on delivering trusted investment advice that stands the test of time.

What are the 5 foundational beliefs of our Investment Philosophy?

At JBWere, our most important belief is that we are here to serve our clients. This principle is core to our Investment Philosophy. Our Investment Philosophy is based on 5 foundational beliefs.

1. Preserving and enhancing our clients' wealth

We are committed to providing trusted and tailored investment advice that stands the test of time and reflects our understanding that each client is unique.

2. Strategic asset allocation is a fundamental driver of investment returns over the long term

We believe diversification across asset classes is key to reducing overall portfolio risk and maximising returns over the long term.

3. Active management enhances value

We believe full cycle investing with tactical tilts maximises client returns.

4. Capital preservation is ensured by risk awareness

We embed risk management across every stage of the investment process.

5. Responsible investing

We recognise both the privilege and importance of the role we play in responsible investment. We include the identification and analysis of ESG factors, stewardship of capital, impact investing and ethical and values-based investing as part of our approach to responsible investing.

Our Services

Wealth advice

A strong foundation


How you structure and protect your wealth is just as important as what you do with it – especially if you want to do more of what you enjoy, make a positive impact or set up your family for generations to come.

Driven by our holistic approach to wealth management, we start by obtaining a complete picture of your personal circumstances, unique goals and risks. From here, we design a tailored and tax-effective financial framework that acts as a pillar for your investment strategies.

Within this framework, we bring together our extensive experience in investment structures, cashflow planning and financial modelling, superannuation, portfolio management, entity structuring, estate and succession planning, and philanthropic planning.

Investment advice

A safe pair of hands in a world of opportunities


The prospect of growing your wealth and building a legacy is undeniably exciting. And we’re proud to help individuals and families from many walks of life do just this.   

When it comes to investing, it can often feel like there’s a fine line between risk and reward. How you manage this, and who you place your trust in, makes all the difference. We never lose sight of what’s important to you or what your ultimate goals are.

We will map out a comprehensive plan to capture your risks, goals and timings. This gives us a strong foundation on which to build a tailored asset allocation strategy, recommend and deliver an appropriate mix of investments, keep track of your portfolio and provide ongoing guidance and advice.

Philanthropic advice

Realising the true power of wealth


Creating and managing significant wealth has its challenges but presents an abundance of opportunity. Beyond the security and comfort of our families and loved ones, our minds turn naturally to the communities and environment in which we all live. These ‘big’ problems are complex, and understanding your unique role in creating lasting, positive change requires thoughtful, tailored advice. 

Our clients trust us to provide this advice because they know the crucial role we play in the social impact ecosystem. They come to us for insight on the right strategies to realise their philanthropic goals, as well as access to other leading funders and organisations.

Working with both for-purpose organisations and private clients, we have a unique grasp on the challenges, trends and opportunities in the sector. This ensures we’re well placed to help you achieve your philanthropic goals. 

Our specialists will work closely with you to keep you informed and supported as you deploy your wealth to create a positive, lasting impact in the world. 

Family advisory

Protecting what matters most


History tells us that families with significant wealth often struggle to plan thoroughly enough for the transition between generations. This can leave them vulnerable to great loss – both financially, and within the family unit.

Our Family Advisory is concerned with much more than the transfer of wealth. We seek to understand the history and complex web of relationships that underpin a family’s wealth, exploring what matters to those involved as individuals, and as part of the wider family unit. It’s only with this broad approach that effective generational transitions, built on trust and aligned values, can be achieved.

Our Family Advisory specialists have the expertise and experience to help you and your family navigate the technical and relational considerations that come with planning for the future.

By understanding your collective history, aspirations, values and needs, we’ll help you put a structure in place that ensures your family is able to effectively communicate and make decisions regarding your wealth. A tailored governance framework can act as the foundation your family needs to prosper and grow, together.

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